Why uPVC


Storm Resistant

Star uPVC windows and doors are storm resistant in the case of any type of weather accidents.


Various Colour Options

Our wide range colours of uPVC windows and doors with different styles give a stylish look to your home.


Sound Insulation

cuts noise levels unto 40 decibels, making them the perfect solution for your home and offices.


High Security

Easily customizable to any size with multi-point high security looks. Can be laminated to enhance beauty.


Elegant Looks

uPVC windows looks fantastic and can improve the value of home. It is laminated to enhance beauty.


Low Maintenance

uPVC windows are so much easier to clean and they are resistant to the worst form of weather. They do not rot, or warp and are 100% termite proof.


Thermal Insulation

Star uPVC windows & doors have efficient thermal insulation and help to keep perfect temperature,no matter what the season.


Weather Resistance

Special Additives ensures UV Resistance. Star UPVC is an environment friendly precision product brand of uPVC window and door systems creating a classic look.

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STAR UPVC is one of the fastest growing companies in Egypt.

we provide top of the line products and offer solutions to enhance any property and to suit all tastes and budgets that will achieve a long lasting customer satisfaction and success

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Why Choose Star uPVC

Star uPVC provides you a brand new experience in the world of windows & doors. Windows extend beyond and are more than just a connector between the outside world and the interiors of your house.

Expert Advice

Our team know our products inside out and can help you choose and advice you about the best types of windows & doors for your property, offering both phone consultations and home visits.


Since its founding, Star Upvc windows and doors has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. We manufacture all our products at our high-tech factory. This enables us to ensure that quality is consistent across our entire product range.


STAR UPVC windows and doors is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. Our team are fully trained to carry out installations.You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

After Sales Support

STAR UPVC is committed to working with our clients to provide premium after sale support and service in order to exceed the expectations of the end users of our products.

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Our Vision
STAR UPVC aims to be the first and most preferred choice of our clients by offering an outstanding customer service and premium quality products throughout Egypt.

Our Mission
STAR UPVC sets out to be one of the fastest growing companies in Egypt and to be the forefront of the industry, by providing top of the line products and offering solutions to enhance any property and to suit all tastes and budgets that will achieve a long lasting customer satisfaction.


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Frequently Ask Questions

uPVC stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymer that has an array of amazing features that could come in handy in tons of places. Some of them being its self-extinguishing property that could stop a raging fire, High thermal resistance that keeps the inside of a place cosy and most importantly it is strong in spite of being very light weighted, which cuts down on weight in tall structures.
uPVC is the only material with both the old school properties as well as the modern age properties could stand even the slightest chance of satisfying all the modern man’s requirements. They have properties like UV resistance & low thermal conductivity that saves a lot on your bills, soundproof, economical & that’s just scratching the surface. These properties can’t be found in any other material that’s being used to make windows.
If you’re looking to order uPVC windows then you’ll definitely need to know the dimesnsions. All you’ve got to do is measure the width & height from the outside of the building aperture at three points. select the smallest dimension & deduct 10mm from it. That’s your window’s size.
Installing a uPVC window is a swift but a crucial part of the window business. After all, it’s the sole purpose of making all the windows, to get them to their rightful owners. Before installing a window it’s very important to make sure that the window is at least an mm smaller than the aperture in the building, then the already assembled window is fastened on to the wall with the help of screws. The fixed window is then sealed all around between the frame & the wall using silicone gel.This not only acts as a glue but also protects your house from weather breaches
The recent time windows are made of wood, aluminium & uPVC. Wooden windows are old classics It gives the house an antique look & It’s been around for a long time, but as times changed the features it offered were barely enough. It bloated after getting exposed to heavy rain over a long period of time thus preventing it from serving its true purpose of providing insulation to your house. Aluminium windows came in at a later stage, solving certain problems that wooden windows had but lacked the antique look and were terrible in energy efficiency. But the uPVC windows have come up with a solution for all the shortcomings of the prior windows. They have a wide range of colour options. uPVC windows are the cutting edge type of windows that exist in the current era. As the name suggests, they’re made of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) It is a polymer that has an array of amazing features that could come in handy in tons of places. Some of them being its self extinguishing property that could stop a raging fire, High thermalresistance that keeps the inside of a place cozy and most importantly it being strong inspite of being very light weighted, which cuts down on weight in tall structures. Wood & aluminum being the usual options for making windows in the past, they lagged the features that the modern era demanded. uPVC filled in all the gaps its amazing physical features.
A lot of thought & process goes into making a uPVC window. Starting from the design to the package it gets wrapped in once it is done. A uPVC window is engineered to precision with all the worldly factors around us kept in mind. The important part is the selection of the raw materials & the temperature its being extruded in (That being the process of manufacturing a bar of the window). These determine the equality & life of the window. Then comes the machines that cut & welds your window together. They are man run machines & this requires trusted & trained hands. These being said, the supplements like glass, gaskets hardware, sealant etc., also play a major role in making your window trust worth. With so many factors in the balance, I would say leave the making to the pros & enjoy your windows.
uPVC windows are as safe as they can get. They are reinforced with G.I, making them very hard to breach or even bend. Apart from the conventional safety, it keeps you safe during the rainy season from water entry & also protects you from UV radiations during scorching summers. These being our personal concerns, uPVC protects mother nature too, as it’s the best when it comes to economical friendly window manufacturing.